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Fire healer and coxswain

remote intervention INTERNATIONAL remote healing

Fire Healer and Helmsman

Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur
Intervention Internationale Martin Ladouceur


Là où le rationnel ne peut donner d’explications, les phénomènes de hantise, d’infestation ou de possession apporteront une explication non conventionnelle à un problème bien réel. 


J'interviens depuis 2010, dans les familles aux prises avec des phénomènes paranormaux. En quelques chiffres, c'est plus de 500 cas de hantises, 40 cas d'infestation et 8 cas de possession. Le haut taux d'efficacité des interventions permet un retour à la normale dans votre demeure. Mon code d'éthique et mon souci de confidentialité vous assurent une tranquillité d'esprit. 

L'expertise et l'évaluation de votre cas doivent se faire lors d'une rencontre vidéo ou téléphonique. Je ne donnerai AUCUN avis en dehors de cette première étape...


Expertise 100.

Le tarif pour l'intervention sera évaluer cas par cas

Main phenomena observed

Wandering souls in the house

The phenomena of haunting are not all the same intensity. Obviously, you will see unusual phenomena. Several of these phenomena will be present: 

Knocks - electrical disturbances - abnormal animal reaction - difficulties in tempering the rooms of the house.

Invasion on a person

The presence of a wandering soul in the vibratory field can have various impacts in the life of a person: Unjustified depressive states; Disordered consumer habits; Hear voices calling you by name; of theunjustified bruises on the body...ect. 

Infestation and possession of malignant (demonic) entities

Cases of invasion and possession are quite rare:

Unjustified foul odors, bruises and marks on the body, excessive anxiety among the occupants of the house, split personality accompanied by a change of voice or the pronunciation of an unknown foreign language...ect._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

- Extract from a testimony -
Malicious (demonic) entities

""" while I was in bed with my husband, I felt for the first time in my life a presence entered the room and an icy coldness reigned in the room. My spouse reassured me by telling me that it It was because we had talked about Martin's arrival that there was nothing... During that same night, my husband was woken up by a pain... He felt that someone was squeezing his wrist very bad… The next morning he woke up and had a big bruise all over his wrist… This bruise lasted about 2 days. That same week I woke up with a really big bruise on my thigh but I didn't no memory of what could have happened"""

Agression entité 3
Agression entité 2
Agression entité 1

- Extract from a testimony -
​ Wandering soul

We have 2 dogs who for some time had weird and inexplicable behaviors.... The downstairs was always cold despite the heating and we were always cold. Often when I sat at the kitchen table, I felt a cold draft rush through my body and I suddenly shivered. My partner felt grabbed by the ankle when he came down the stairs, he almost fell.


My brother-in-law and my spouse reported that they had a weird 'feeling' like hostility towards them, a sense of unhospitable presence and even heard a growl behind them and there was nothing when turning around.

I really did not see coming what Martin Ladouceur announced to me on December 17, 2013. I was going to consult him for an energy intervention. He announced to me that we had a wandering soul in the house without him even knowing all that I told above in the text. Martin tells me that this wandering soul came and went between our house and my friend Micheline. How could he know that I had a friend Micheline? I mustered up my courage and asked Micheline if there were any strange phenomena in her house. I noticed a slight color change in his face and the eyes got really big! It was then that she told me that her little dog categorically refused to go down to the basement. Micheline tells me that a few weeks ago, she and her husband heard a very loud noise,  as if something heavy had fallen to the ground. They descended and saw nothing abnormal.  there was nothing to explain what they had just heard. She explained to me that since this strange noise, they have not experienced any other phenomena like the past months. This situation piqued my curiosity and while discussing and remembering when the phenomena stopped, Micheline confirmed to me that it was on December 17, which was the day Martin intervened to pass the wandering soul towards the light!


Following this intervention, everything is back to normal. We all sleep, no more waking up between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., the tension and heaviness in the house is gone, the dogs have regained normal behavior. Same thing with Micheline, no more unexplained phenomena. Thanks Martin!

- Extract from a testimony -
Malicious (demonic) entities

Noises everywhere in the house, objects falling, footsteps in the house, drawers closing, voices calling us by our names when we were alone, all the plants dying (even when we bought new ones, they were burning), the lights varying in intensity with a strange noise, the children waking up crying and screaming, the children who no longer slept, the children who no longer ate.  had more energy, we argued, we didn't sleep more than 30 minutes a night, our 2 year old child was undressed at night, our 6 year old child was talking to himself in his room, the feeling of being watched the weather, the feeling of feeling that someone wanted to hurt us all the time, knocking on top of our bed and finally even an appearance...  As a result, we had to leave our house, because we were not able to live there.  After 2 months of nightmare,  plus 3 months of abandoning our house and a significant amount of money spent with over 4 different paranormal responders nothing changed. So, when there was no hope, we were lucky enough to find Martin Ladouceur, his approach, his understanding and his mastery of the subject knew how to fix our unconventional problems in a few days... He accompanied us until as long as the psychological imprint is non-existent, and we are still in contact. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MARTIN, you gave us back our home and you changed the way we see life.



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